Adventure, with all that it entails is what I love. Whether I am high in the mountains, or pushing through the dence carpet of bush that fills the valleys, flyfishing, hunting, running, riding, or climbing, it makes no difference to me.

The places I value the most are the ones where I am the most insignificant. The places that no one else gets to because they’re too difficult, too remote, or just too unpleasant!

I grew up in New Zealand and while I now reside in Australia,  I travel back home as often as I can. I pack in a fair amount of outdoor action here in Australia, but home is still home, and I just cannot get enough of the ruggedness and wildness of New Zealand.

I have been running around in the backcountry since I could clamber over the back fence. I’d vanish into the green and reamerge hours later, grinning like an idiot. And that pull towards undiscovered places has never left.

Hidden in the Haze is like the shoe box under your bed. Full of bits and pieces you’ve stumbled across and saved over the years. Gems that you’ve kept to remind you of where you’ve been, and where you’d still like to go.

I have created Hidden in the Haze as a way to to air out that shoebox. I hope it will become a resource for your next backcountry trip, inspire new adventures, or simply provide a great way to lose yourself, while browsing cool stuff.