Hiking season?

This is new for me. Where I was born there are no critters that can kill you in the backcountry. Not unless you are really slow, stupid, and you were in a three legged race in the middle of the bush and fell in front of a pig running downhill.

We have no off seasons for the majority of our species in our backcountry, it just gets  colder or hotter and that’s about it.

As a side note- you have no idea how shirty I get calling tramping “hiking”. In New Zealand it is called tramping, but no one else understands me when I call it that. Bugger.

Here in Australia (or ‘straya as our bogen locals like to say), I have deemed winter “hiking season” ( channel Doctor Evil here and make sure you do the hands while saying “hiking season”). It is the only time when my slithery friends are way less active, (I know, Clinton, snakes, conspiracy ) but it’s true. If you are bumping into snakes on a ridgeline there are too many for it to be any type of ok.

Mind you, maybe in the winter they are still there, but the ground is soft enough to hide their noise…

The added bonus of a winter hiking season is that it just so happens that there are open streams for fishing at the end of a few of these hikes and considering the rest are closed, well what’s better than that?


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