Red screen of death

Yep it looks like “white screen of death with green border”. Trust me its not.

Don’t you hate it when you’ve finally got it all figured out and then out of the blue (or red in this case), boom. Suddenly you don’t.

Didn’t even know it was a thing till the other night.

Error 99, or red screen of death, is a universal code shown when your Canon camera packs a sad.

I am 100% sure that every other brand has an equivalent and as an aesthetics thing,  red screen of death looks way better than blue screen of death. Though I would like to throw it out there, that if my camera’s cactus, and it’s going to involve large amounts of money, can’t it have a little stick figure falling off a building and going splat! with “error99”? Or a stick figure getting hit by a truck? Or a tank rolling up to the screen and all you can see is the inside of the barrel getting bigger and bigger? Just give me a giggle one last time before I have to sell a spleen or a limb to get a new one.

I’m not blaming Canon, it was a fantastic camera. It is an oooold digital camera and all good things must come to an end, and getting over a decade out of something that is computerised is almost akin to a miracle now days. In fact this one just might end up with a sainthood.

But why oh why does it only happen at the most inopportune times?

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