I am already eyeballing the teaspoon as a instrument to end it all. That is till I remember thinking something along the same lines while laying on the tiled bathroom floor at 4:30 in the morning during my re-creation of the Emily Rose exorcism. And I have to say that so far this is not even in the same ballpark. It’s not even in the carpark of the ballpark actually.

I will confess I am being a drama queen. Apart from feeling like my knee is packed with wet noodles, I have had way worse. Like the time I slipped off the top-out holds on a boulder problem and slapped my toes on my shin, or when I hammered my shoulder free-riding and couldn’t sleep on it for 5 years. Ahhh good times…

This is day one and a half inside. Inside being the keyword. Inside. I have so far researched tiny homes, caravans, drift boats, drift boats with motors, stand up paddle boards, stand up paddleboards with motors, YouTubed, Netflixed, and played 15 games of Connect 4 in a row. But the up side of today, ohhhh got to have a shower!

The price to pay for years of giving it a good nudge is, sitting still is not my friend. In fact it’s not even a distant relation or colleague. More like a leprechaun on ice, who jumps out and lays into me with a lump of timber. But it definitely motivates you too get moving.

It could be worse, I could go in to get a knee  cartilage trimmed and wake up as a Susan. But thinking about that, there is an upside. I am a middle aged white  male, so at least I wouldn’t be an endangered species anymore!



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