Entry fee.

Nothing’s for nothing and some places just rip the entry fee right off you.  I have a stream like that. I’ve fished it twice and had a great time, but the admittance is getting steeper with each visit.

The first time the cost of a good days fishing was a bottle of loon gel for dry flys (it managed to wrangle its way out of the holder), not too expensive, but still a pain in the ass. I did happen to pull in a 22inch rainbow on a size 10 parachute adams that day ( to be honest the only reason I was running a size 10  size hook was to stop hooking the Parr that where hammering my fly anytime it touched the water).

As a side note it is amazing how big a fly a three inch trout can fit in its mouth. They will have a crack at anything!

But this visit entry quadrupled, paid for by a nice pair of Dr Slick forceps that I have no doubt some lucky sod will stumble across, that not only managed to fall out of my pocket but unclip the zinger as well. And all this for a three inch parr. Though to be fair it was a repeat of last time strike wise, with the fly getting hit out of the water more often than not, but only one decent sized trout seen.

I had a few strikes that were bigger, but I have to say that the fly constantly getting punched off the water kinda hypnotizes you a bit and I was half asleep on the strikes that may have mattered…. oh well.

Not sure I will visit here again, I shudder to think what the entry fee will be next time. Spleen? Liver? One slightly used pancreas…

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