You know, I wouldn’t have thought that was ideal …..

What am I missing? If you were sitting in your front yard, quietly minding your own business and someone jumped the fence and ran around in circles, screaming and throwing things at you, while dressed in a tutu and panda head, you too would bolt for your house and with all likelihood, not be seen for the rest of the day.

I understand that anthropomorphism while awesome for kids and your inner child, is not such a good thing if you’re an adult who actually believes it’s true. Going up to hug a bear, or pat a great white shark may not end up on the bonus side of the ledger……. but (there’s always a but isn’t there) if you went back aways when we lived in caves and  ate the stoneage version of roadkill, we would behave in the exact same way.

So my question IS

If you had people swimming, and jumping, and throwing rocks in the water, and you were a 10-inch fish, would you not take more than 5min before you presented yourself to the world and started feeding again? I mean seriously! The human equivalent wouldn’t just be a regular sized dude, but a giant 10 times your size dressed in a panda suit and tutu stomping on your car and bulldozing your house with one massive misplaced foot.

I can’t speak for you, but me, I would be long gone for the next month, not five minutes.

And yet I still couldn’t get him to eat a fly…….






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