Einstein of the salmonidae

I stare intently  at the dark shape sitting just under the surface as my fly drifts past again. Doesn’t this fish realise that I have been doing this for years and hence he should not just be interested in my fly but actually chase it down, reach out and grab it with his pectoral fins and throw it in his mouth?

I cast up stream of him again. Hmm still no interest. I start to wonder if this trout knows my dirty little secret, or that he may actually be able to do maths. You know  7years x 3days fishing a year = no way in hell am I biting that hook.

I change flys and cast again, this I think to myself could be a long day but hey who cares, I’m still fishing and the sun is shining.

I am pretty sure the trout is thinking “if i follow his fly one more time then just turn away at the last second I can get this wierd dude to selfharm using a rock, a treestump and 3 and a half pine needles.

Or maybe I am just over thinking this whole thing…….

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